Let me retract that for a second.  America is dying, and so are Britain, France, and a few others.  We’re all just a Greece waiting to happen.  

The reason we’re dying is because our congress slowly, and over time, wove a noose around the neck of good old uncle Sam, in an attempt to further their ambition.

Congress is in session for hundreds of days each year, and those big bills we’re waiting for are not the only things going on.  Add to that all the regulatory agencies, and we have a problem.

The American government, through tax, regulation, and legislation, is slowly strangling the American economy.  Raw materials other than oil is a dead sector, manufacturing is largely dead or gone to China, or Mexico.  Health Care is being slowly killed off by giving the insurers more power than the doctors in your treatment and in what the doctor gets paid.  Our economy is dying.  

That’s what many in rural or backwoods America sees but what nobody living metropolis seems to have caught on to.  You can’t tax yourself into success.  Any such attempt could crush the frail strings of growth you have left in the nation’s economy.

Add to that the growing number of people living off some sort of government assistance, and we now have more people riding in the wagon than pulling it.

Basically, our economy could be a masterpiece, but our government is too busy strangling it to see that.

The Republicans are trying for tax reform but they’re too busy appeasing and fighting to do anything, and the Democrats wont get elected on jobs, they get elected on welfare, so why would they fight to revive the American heart?

Which is why we’re dead, because no matter how many times we vote in somebody like Trump or, I shudder to think, Obama, hoping for a change, a rescue, the system crushes our hopes in a mad dash of election goals and party tricks. They know the cure, they just don’t like the taste, and so we’ll die.  Because like an four year old, home from school, we’d much rather stay sick than have one more spoonful of Robitussin shoved down our throats.