The tension in Jerusalem all started innocently enough, when a group of gunmen fired upon Israeli soldiers from the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, killing one, before they themselves were killed.  Okay, admittedly that isn’t all that innocent.

What is innocent is when Israeli police, in order to keep people safe, placed metal detectors at the entrance to the holy sites on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount (the holiest site in Judaism, and third in Islam).

The Waqf (Muslim leaders in Jerusalem), responded calmly and rationally, by ordering a boycott of holy sites, large scale protests, riots, and diplomatic action by states sympathetic to the Waqf.  Okay, maybe not as calm and rational as CNN said it was.

Now multiple people have been killed and injured in the strife, and the Israeli government backed down, instead opting for security cameras.  The Waqf still isn’t pleased and is demanding further concessions but the diplomatic pressure has lessened.

The thing that nobody seems to be saying though, is that it seems that a rational security measure, was thwarted by religious animosity.  Now, nobody is safe, and the bad blood is still there. Might as well have just left the metal detectors up.

This mosque is one of the most popular places of muslim worship and pilgrimage in the world; why did nobody notice three men with assault rifles?

Oh wait, they did, and they said nothing.

Think of this, how many people in the United States would sign up to go to war out of patriotism?  A good number, right?

How many would \n’t go, but would support, and try not to hinder those that did?  Even more.

That’s the way Islam is.  Very few would go blow themselves up in a shopping mall for Allah, but many more would support those that do so.  The problem then becomes not just Islamic Extremism, but Islamic Supremism.

Look at the recent terror attacks in Britain, many knew what the terrorists, like the Manchester Bomber were planning to do, their neighbors, friends, and family saw.  But none of them would do anything about it, because they too wanted those people to die, they just didn’t want to be the ones to do it.

If the supposed peaceful tenants of Islam in that mosque weren’t also bent on the destruction of Israel, none of this would have ever happened.  Not a single muslim that was in that building is innocent, and neither is a single person who protests against rational security measures out of religious vitriol.

Those security measures were intentionally unobtrusive and non-discriminatory, as any person of any ethnicity or religion entering the holy site would have been scanned for a weapon.

Wake up world, the muslim leaders who support these boycotts and protests are just as guilty in spreading hatred as ISIS or Al-Qaeda.  They simply spread their hate less conspicuously.

The Waqf should be listed up with the KKK, the IRA, or any other hatred spewing bigoted organization in the world.

Just because they’re the minority, doesn’t mean they’re an exception.