The Black Lives Matter group is targeting what they deem as racial profiling among cops in murdering and unnecessarily brutalizing suspected criminals.  They point to cases like Michael Brown or twelve year old Tamir Rice, in which white officers shot and killed unarmed African American young men.  Or, in Tamir’s case, children.

Though it would be wrong to leave out cases, like the very recent Justine Damond, who was shot by a Minneapolis police officer after calling 9-1-1 about a sexual assault.  Indeed many white people have been shot by white cops, and black cops, and muslim and christian cops, and black people have been shot by black cops and hispanic cops, and the list goes on.

Therefore it seems reasonable to assume the problem is not with race, but with police.

We, at Manatee, have a theory.

When you see a police car driving in a forty five mile per hour zone going seventy five miles per hour, and yet you get two tickets (to be thorough) for going forty seven in the same forty five, it seems wrong.  It’s also illegal.

But since they are a police officer, they are permitted to break the law.  They talk to the judge before a trial in which they are the arresting officer in some places, which is illegal.  They are even encouraged in some cases (and especially on crime shows) to plant evidence and give false testimony, and they always, always, lie and mislead the suspects to try and get them to incriminate themselves.

Police in the United States break the law BECAUSE THEY CAN.  Who’s going to arrest them?

Eventually it all spirals out of control, as some police officer’s begin to think they are invincible or perhaps, that they are the supreme body of authority.  They begin to get a sort of control addiction and superiority complex that tells them that if you complain about a parking ticket to their face, they are allowed to taze, strike, or handcuff you.

If you don’t stop when they tell you to, they have the right to shoot you.  Which is important in some cases, but in others, they overreact and kill innocent, unarmed, twelve-year-olds.

What Black Lives Matter fails to understand, is that this isn’t a race problem, race is just what brought it to national attention.

The problem, is that police are allowed to act however they please, because, well, they’re a cop. Until we fix that problem, until police officers are prosecuted for crimes, even the little things, like speeding when they have no emergency to handle, but just don’t feel like taking their time.  Until police are treated like normal people, they will not begin to see themselves as normal people, and they will keep on killing normal people.

This isn’t about race, this is about honor, conscience, and yes, not being a jerk.