The Republicans are weak.  They currently have complete control over Congress and the Presidency as well as a majority in the Supreme Court.  So why the faltering?  Why do they keep deferring to the Democrats?

The Russia investigations, the healthcare fiasco, the stalling, bickering, all of which could be fixed by the Republicans if they made a decision.  Play or don’t.  Either let the Democrats do what they want, work with them, or do things your way.  

This in-between serving the Democrats is a disaster, and they do it because many Republicans don’t like Trump.

Now, many Democrats don’t like Hillary, but if she were elected they would still work with her, meanwhile the Republican elite in Washington are trying to destroy Donald Trump’s and he’s to inexperienced with Washington subterfuge to realize it.  They scheme and plot, and play footsie under the table with the Democrats in an organized bid to bring down the Trump white house and return their dementia ridden puppets like McCain, or RINO components like Bush or Romney back to center stage.  They refuse to acknowledge that that strategy doesn’t work, Americans don’t vote for those people, and instead try to destroy the last chance at the Presidency they’ll ever have.  

Republicans are useless and self serving.  

The best thing you can do as a Republican right now is vote for Democrats for Congress.

At least we know where their loyalties lie.

(And I voted for Trump.)