Recently President Donald Trump’s has been faced with a growing set of scandals claiming that Trump handed secret information to the Russians and colluded with them for an election win.  In a moment I’ll explain the facts, but first I want to ask you, do you really care?  

If you’re a Democrat you most likely said yes.  Not because of the endangerment of American principles but out of spite for the new American President.  Which is exactly what Congress and the investigators think.

In the end, Donald Trump’s will be convicted on some trumped up charge (pardon the pun) in order to delegitimize him.  

Did Trump speak with Russian nationals before the election? Yes. He’s an international businessman.  Did he speak with Russian officials after the election? Yes, that’s his job. Was it a free and fair election?  No, but most of the fraud counted in the three recounts was pro-Hillary.  

But Trump did do what he was accused of, he talked to Russian officials about government policy, as is his job.  Though it’s not illegal (even if it was classified as the President has the authority to declassify anything) and cannot be legally prosecuted.  The prosecutors will attempt, fail, and that will be all it takes to discredit Trump like Nixon was discredited.  

What Trump needs to do is set down the phone for a few minutes, (he can pick it back up later), he needs to stop tweeting about witch hunts and release proof.  He can do that, he’s the president.  Despite what Congress wants you to believe, it’s not obstruction of Justice.  

Did Trump have the authority to fire Comey? Yes, and Comey said he wasn’t investigating Trump anyways.  So what is the problem here?  Trump should fire the rest of the Obama justice department employees who have been hindering his mad gambit to rescue this country since day one.

Congress, on both sides of the aisle, have united in growing hatred of a man who stands against everything they are.  They will continue to blow smoke, and start fires, in order to oust this man whom they despise.  

Trump, do your job.  Stop whining on Twitter because that helps nobody.  Oh, and for Pete’s sake, get new advisors.  The current ones are about as governmentally savvy as Monica Lewinsky, and she atleast had a  skill.