Our screwy healthcare system goes back to the Clinton era, but was written by Republicans under Newt Gingrich.  So to start off, both parties are to blame for this mess we’re in. 

When the first major healthcare reform, i.e. Gingrich care happened it had one major effect, it crumbled the economy.  Housing markets alone don’t kill a country, no, it was healthcare.  

The reforms allow for health insurance companies to monopolize and get payed more, while they pay doctors and hospitals less.  

Healthcare is a major component of the economy, not to mention the amount of secretaries, medical supplies, office supplies, furniture, construction, and strange paper bed sheets that it buys, supplying several industries.

Also, we all need healthcare these days, to survive.  

If the economy and health are not two good reasons to take my advice I don’t know what is.

Congress needs to regulate the insurance companies.  That’s all.  Everything is fixed.

If you regulate the insurance companies like you do every other company and keep them from setting prices and monopolizing then we, the buyer, might actually have a chance.  

If healthcare had to compete like any other industry we would have much lower prices.  

Obamacare, Republican care, the like all work by forcing you all to pay into the system and give your money to the insurance company, once again, at a rate they decide.  Solving nothing, costs rise further now, as you have no choice but to buy healthcare, and if you can’t the government buys it for you, doing nothing other than lining the insurance company’s pocket.  

Does it seem wrong to anyone else that if you go to Pittsburgh, or Columbus, or Wheeling WV, the tallest structure around seems to be a health insurance provider.  Because they can afford to build these edifices to greed and wealth.  

Will the government fix it?



The health insurance companies have money.  Where does that money go? PAC’s.  Where do they put it?  They throw it at both sides of the aisle, buying their survival as America’s top predator.  

My real advice? Buy stock in health insurance, because it can only go up from here.