The United States is in a dire shortage, no, not of fuel, or steel, or water, we’re short on minds, and here’s why…

Do you remember no child left behind?  It was a wonderful new idea of how to keep struggling children catch up to their peers in school instead of being ignored.  Which is a great idea, if it worked.

Instead, this Bush era act, still leaves slow students in the dust that can’t catch up to the decided median point, while simultaneously tripping the students who excel, at the average.  This causes slow students to stop trying because they can’t reach the average on their own, and teachers can’t help (they’re too busy teaching to the test), and the brilliant minds in American schools give up as well, because why try when you can skate by without effort.  These students no longer push the envelope.

So when your paranoid uncle or neighbor proceeds to tell you that the United States is in danger because we no longer produce the worlds steel, or coal, or cars, point out that we no longer produce geniuses.  No more beating the others to he punch like we did with the Atomic bomb or even electricity.  

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try, but in the American education system, success is not rewarded.  Award after award is recieved for mediocre acts but the students who can do those acts with their eyes closed are ignored because they “already know they can do it”.  They’re children!  They give up when they realize that their skills and abilities are not utilized, not worth anything, they stop using them.  That is the failure of the American education system.  

We’re running short on minds, so when you see another article about major scientific advancements, read carefully, you may recognize some names like China, India, or Iran.  Because they’re kids are taught not only standard language and math, but their kids are taught to succeed.