With the recent conflict with the Trump administration and the sanctuary cities, the question becomes, does Trump have the authority?

Well, all states and cities must follow federal law as federal law is the supreme law of the land, via the constitution, though are limited to certain areas.  So, if the federal government wants to arrest a criminal from one state or city, they can do so, just as if the state of Pennsylvania wanted someone extradited from Maryland, the state of Maryland would legally have to comply to that request.

Does Trump have the authority?

Well, yes, yes he does.

Does he need a warrant? 

The demand for a warrant comes from the rights listed in the Bill of Rights, whereas the fourth amendment protects citizens of the United States from unreasonable search and seizure.

So, no, he doesn’t need a warrant. 

Pull out your magnifying glass and look at the sentence in question, you will notice the word citizen is used.  So if you aren’t a citizen, you don’t have this right.

The only way Sanctuary cities can protect these illegal immigrants is if they release them when the fingerprint check comes down from the Feds and says “Hey, this guy can be deported, he has this, this, and this, on his criminal record, we’ll come get him, just hold on.” And the city lets them go.  This gives the illegals the ability to break the law!

Illegal aliens, will have full capability to break the law because they know the city will just let them go.  They get arrested for assault, maybe a little battery, the Feds say hold em, the city says you can go.  They then find the person they had assaulted, and they beat the literal shit out of them.  

Is that a sanctuary? Is that safe? Is that reasonable, does it protect the citizens who live in the city and pay taxes?

No, it does not.  

So sanctuary cities have decided, that the ability of criminals to avoid the consequence of the law, is far more important than the safety of their residents.  The police in these cities were sworn to uphold the law, and they all broke that oath.  That is the consequence here. 

Who has the legal authority here? Trump, and he’s actually the ONLY one following the law. Strange as it seems, the income tax dodger, is the only one following the rules.