Mrs. Merkel,

 I have noted over time your disdain, or more accurately, disgust, fro the principles of nationalism.  Now, we recognize this as very German of you, as it is a common aspect of the German not to wave his flag, or sing his anthem, or praise the qualities of his state, for fears of being branded a nationalist.

The common explanation is a fear in German nationalism of the past represented by Wilhelm Ii and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party.

Wherein lies your misconception, as it is not nationalism, but internationalism, which drove these men to invade their neighbors.  

These men believed, thoroughly and delusionally, that their ideas and positions were better, pure, perfection.  They believed that since they were right, the world was wrong.  They didn’t invade the world out of German pride, they did it out of certainty in the superiority of their own principles.

So, Mrs. Merkel, when you impose your will upon the rest of the European Union, you are in fact more like Hitler than any neo-nazi could ever hope to be.  You are so delusionally obsessed in your own self righteousness, that you must save Europe, and the World, from itself. 

You prosecute, not Jews, but Patriots.  Any man or woman who dares declare themselves French, British, German, or Christian, proudly and unashamedly, is subhuman in your wrinkled eyes.

You ignore Germans, for the sake of your world view.  Even when trucks crush Berliners, or guns fire upon Bavarians, you cannot admit you are mistaken.  You speak of the rape of Aleppo, but what of the rape of Cologne?

Which is why it is not your opinions, your many mistakes, or even your attempt to dominate Europe that sickens us.  Nay, it is your arrogance and self assurance in your own perfection that disgusts and offends us to the core.

You failed Germany, you failed Europe, and the World.  So wipe that smug grin off your face, the blood of the innocent is upon your hands, and your arrogance can’t save you, from the grasp of Hell.

With love, your friend,