Are you tone deaf?  Are you information tone deaf?  Yes, it’s a thing, or atleast we are saying it’s a thing.  Listen closely, we’ll see if you can hear right.  

Hillary Clinton Illegally uses private server for classified Emails, Server Hacked

Donald Trump talks about grabbing women by the p***y in bus interview.

Hillary Clinton laughs about getting pedophile rapist off, goes after victim

Bill Clinton sexually abuses women, rapes them, multiple known affairs.

Trump tells former Miss Universe she had to lose weight.

Hillary Clinton extremely ill.

Hillary calls Latinos needy, slurs Catholics.

Trump sending 2 am tweets?

Now tell us, which of those headlines struck you the most and why?  Feel free to comment.  The point is this, the Hillary headlines are being ignored by mainstream media.  While the Trump headlines, though mild in comparison, are ardently pursued by the media elite.  Wikileaks newest Podesta e-mails, were completely ignored by the media.  Hillary Clinton blatantly role the law, and lied about it, over and over, she treated other women horribly, over and over, Trump makes a few gaffes, over and over, but which is worse?  Why can’t voters hear the difference in tone.  One candidate is a criminal, embezzler, accessory to rape and covering up of criminal activity, and the other has a big mouth.  Honestly, are the voters tone deaf, is the media?  

The President of the Haitian Senate says that Haiti will refuse the help of the Clinton foundation after the affects of Hurricane Matthew, because last time, her foundation squandered the money, and forced them into photo opps, for no humanitarian gain.  You’ll never find that on CNN.  But when Donald Trump says Hillary should go to prison for BREAKING THE LAW, there’s hell to pay.  

America needs to heed the tone, Jill Stein said that progressives should vote for Trump over Hillary because Hillary is just going to betray them.  That won’t be on the six o’clock news.  

The media is playing the roll of Hillary’s shower curtain, so you won’t see how disgusting, rude, conniving, and just plain selfish she really is under all that makeup and false facade of the loving grandmother.

More like gnarled old witch. 

And yes, if the New York Times can back a candidate, then so can we, journalism is dead ladies and gentlemen,

So long,