Well, that’s a mouthful.

Let’s break it down, we’re afraid that Russia might do something drastic because they feel like the cornered bear right now because we are afraid of them tampering in our affairs.

Recently, Obama was forced into a deal with Russia to work together in Syria, which would have been amazing progress, except Obama didn’t want to work together.  So when an aid convoy was bombed, Obama backed out, blaming the Russians, with no proof Russia had done the bombing, actually Russia said even if it was them it had been an accident, they had cleared the convoy themselves.

Then the other Western states try to get Putin and a few other officials tried at The Hague for warcrimes.  Of course Russia vetoed the idea (what a surprise), but it was a threat nonetheless.  

Then Obama insinuated, again with no proof, that Russia was running wikileaks (unlikely), and that Russia was hacking the electoral system to jerry rig the American election.  Obama also started threatening Russia with the idea of a cyber attack.

This all means that without cause, the American government and it’s cohorts are repeatedly attacking and provoking the cornered bear that is, Russia.  Which is why Putin ordered all Russians living abroad to return home, and also why he started prepping for nuclear war.  Putin is afraid.  RUSSIA IS AFRAID.  To them, we’ve gone mad, like a dog with Rabies, we became mysteriously aggressive and began snapping and foaming at the mouth.  A dog with rabies is usually shot as it poses a threat to the life of those around it.  

We need to be afraid that Russia is afraid because if they feel cornered, they might start fighting back, and when we both have nukes, fighting with guns and soldiers seems a little, quaint.  No, missiles will fly, and chicken little won’t seem so crazy after all.

God help us.