Did unencumbered immigration bring about the fall of Rome?  Strange concept, but we’ve got it figured out.

When Rome fell, it was preceded by centuries of inter fighting between generals claiming power.  This is often considered to be a direct result of foreign soldiers in the army.  You see these soldiers had no loyalty to Rome, only to commanders.  So they would bring down Roman governments and put their own generals on the throne because why not.  

Even worse were the immigrants to Rome, who held no fealty to Rome or it’s laws.

Both of these proved dangerous when invaders came a knocking, and the army and the people sided with them.  

Which is where we are now.  I saw a commercial for Ancestry.com where this woman says that when she traveled to foreign countries and was asked her nationality she usually said Hispanic. 

 Now think, when you travel, where are you from?  America.  Your nationality, is American, not African, not Hispanic, not Caucasian.  You will get kicked out, because your passport says American, not Hispanic.  

Which leads me to realize that there is a pandemic in America, where we try so hard to be racially sensitive and ethnically diverse that we forget to be American.  

When immigration was shut down around World War One until the 1960’s, the reason was this, the Irish were Irish, the Italians were Italian, the Germans were German, and none were American.  They sided with themselves, created their own little enclaves and fought each other.  they had no respect for American law, or American sovereignty, because to them they weren’t American, they were just in America.  

We see this problem with many Muslim immigrants recently and some others, that blow up buildings and stab people, in the name of Allah or ISIS or whatever.  They don’t see themselves as American.


If you live here you need to assimilate, if only for the safety of America as a country.

You are not Mexican, Russian, Iranian, Somalian, German, get it through your head.  You are an American.  If the Americans of today refuse to respect America, then we are doomed as a country.  Like Rome we will fall, because the enemy is inside the gates, passively looking on, refusing to defend us when we rely on them, and allowing us to die, in a barbarian onslaught of murder, rape, terror, destruction, and annihilation of law. 

Humbly American,