Our movie expert recently went to see the movie sausage party.  If any of you plan on viewing that movie, here’s what you need to know.

First, every other word is an f-bomb.  Just expect it, Seth Rogen can’t be funny, so he has to be explicit.  

Second, there are a lot of innuendos.  Plus a giant food orgy that goes through all of the spectrums of human interaction in three minutes of screen time.  Jonah Hill doesn’t know how to be entertaining without being perverted.  Sorry.

Third, the entire movie is anti religion and bashes on religion and those who support it, either referring to them as fools or cowards.  Once again, Hollywood no longer makes movies to entertain.  There’s always an agenda.

Lastly, the movie spends half of the dialog discussing Jews.  First there is Hitler as a German Mustard, or sauerkraut.  Then they bring up the whole Israel-Palestine issue by using a Jewish bagel and a middle Eastern dish nobody knows the name of.  They even refer to the fact that Seth Rogen is Jewish in his own little ego booster at the end.  Where the bagel responds “then what am I?”.  

Our rating?  Barely one manatee okay. Because sometimes we want to go see a movie that is just funny, or entertaining without being bombarded by somebody else’s agenda.  What happened to adding in innuendos to be entertaining.  This brings to mind the recently deceased Gene Wilder.  That man could act.  Too bad.