The actor, director, and writer, Gene Wilder passed away recently, at the age of 83.  

He leaves behind a legacy of amazing and entertaining movies, cancer awareness advocacy, and a deep loathing of the Johnny Depp Willy Wonka.

Our entertainment editor has named his “Young Frankenstein” as the best movie ever made.  High praise from someone who spends all their time critiquing Hollywood.  Gene Wilder had skill and class, pulling off any roll.  His ability to write as well as direct, made him one of the most capable men in film.

He entertained children with his portrayal of the candy making mogul, Willy Wonka, with his humor and careles, yet passive aggressive portrayal.  

And adults, will find them just as entertained, with his always funny, “Young Frankenstein.”

Without him, the world has become a much darker place.  He will be missed.