As Donald Trump’s take no prisoners campaign is gaining steam in the U.S., Europe’s own right wing personalities are thrusting ahead.  

Beginning with the BREXIT decision in the UK, conservatism is becoming increasingly popular in the polls.  

France’s own anti-establishment politician, Marine Le-Pen, pictured above, has risen in the polls, ahead of Frances upcoming election.  The French presidential candidate more recently promised that if she is elected, France too, would have a referendum on their EU membership. 

Across the border in Germany, a bastion of progressive thought, the situation is the same, with the German far right anti-refugee party is poised to overtake Chancellor Merkel’s party in her home state.  Her state level sister party in Bavaria has actually turned into one of her largest voices of dissent.  

What may appear as total chaos to Chancellor Merkel of Germany and President Hollande of France, appears to be an organized upsurge in conservative thought after the continual failure of liberal governments in Europe, as well as a mishandled refugee crisis.  

Where this leads, we may not be certain, but what is for sure, is that if liberal politicians don’t get their act together, they could bring about the end of an era of progressivism.