The Olympics this year took a downturn in viewers.  So how is the view rate being brought back up?

NBC and the rest of the media are objectifying Olympians.  Spending almost twice as much time covering the bodies of Olympians such as Sam Mikulak above, Tonga’s flag bearer Pita Taufatofua, and the entire Olympics woman gymnastics.


The reason behind all this, is of course, that sex sells.  And it sells well.  The bodies of athletes received far more views and tweets on twitter than their actual actions did.  The better looking an athlete, the more people cheered them on.

Society these days is just like that.  They completely agreed when Mikulak referred to him and his team members as “yoked”.  His team, who with an average height of about 5’7″, was one of the tallest gymnastic teams.  Except for Ryan Lochte, swimmers were not as likely to be objectified, there is something distinct about swimmer physique.  Apparently, it doesn’t sell as well. Maybe it’s the height! Swimmers are on average, about 6’5″ on the American team (males).  Lochte being one of the shorter ones.

The girls were objectified as well, with the small but not dainty gymnasts receiving the most attention.  Pictures of the girls team were all over the media.  When discussing the sad national anthem, it was the girls team with their hands across their chest in the picture.  Discussing sex at the Olympics, gymnastics teams on front page, the girls will have quite a lot of attention when they turn home.

Then there is the flag bearer, and Judo champion from Tonga, the small island kingdom in the South Pacific.


After the picture of him oiled up and shirtless in the opening ceremony went viral, he was of course sexually assaulted by members of the today show.


It seems strange that just a decade or two ago, the women were being objectified, to the disgust of many of their gender.  Now it’s the men, and nobody complains.  Society has changed to the point where men are expected to be objectified, to be sexual, and to be muscled.  It appears that media, television, movies, even music, have led today’s generation to objectify men as nothing but sex objects.  Watch TV, tell me I’m wrong.

Boys are stupid, girls are smart but, well nuts.  That’s just how TV is today, boys don’t objectify girls, they talk about how smart, or kind, or maybe how pretty they are.  On TV girls talk about boys cute rear ends, abs, chins, and nothing else.  What about income!  If I were looking for a mate, that would be important to me.  Class, intelligence, SUBSTANCE!  Not gonna happen.

Well, as Clint Eastwood said, welcome to the Kiss Ass generation, where men are feminized sex idols, and women do all the real thinking.  Is it too much to ask you to please drown me in the freakishly green Olympic pool?  Probably.  You know I swam in highschool.  I was only like four seconds off the qualifying time! (Which is a lot in swimming FYI).  Ah well, maybe in four years.

Have a great day.  Thanks for reading Manatee!