Wikileaks released thousands of emails from the Saudi foreign ministry.  We, naturally, were curious.  What can we say, we’re manatees.  So we took a look.

We found many neat pieces of information.  Our favorite?  You wouldn’t believe how many times “Our purported friend, America” popped up.  Or something along those lines.  Sorry we didn’t find more.  Small staff.

Anyways, the big thing is supposedly Saudi Arabia and 9/11.  Well, we can say one thing, the Saudi government was not behind or even that attached to the events surrounding the downing of American aircraft into American structures with the intent of killing innocent people.

It was actually the royal family.  Which is the government, but they were not working in a strictly government business way.  So we can say more accurately, that the Saudi royal family, were the ones that funded Al Qaeda.

We found documents linking money and support between the Saudi royals and the Bin Laden run “organization”.  Now, we can tell you why.  It’s simple really.  Osama Bin Laden was clearing more breathing room for the Saudi control of the middle east without the interfering of American officials.  Saudis could have center stage, ultimate power.  They would also have Al Qaeda off their backs.  Never bite the hand that feeds you.  Even jihadists know that rule.