Every year when you fill out your taxes you usually look into how to get a higher tax refund.  You pay taxes, and in return for doing good things, such as donating to charity, raising children, or actually turning taxes in on time, you get a check in the mail with some of your money back.  It’s like going to Wal-Mart and having them hand you five dollars back because you helped that old lady get something off the shelf! Great right?  It was.  Until the Bush era.

See now, you no longer receive a tax refund.  That check you’ve been getting, is actually a tax credit.  Now I know, same thing right, why should terminology matter?  Wrong!

A tax credit is given to you on the amount of taxes you would pay, not on the taxes you paid.  So, that guy on welfare in town, who doesn’t pay taxes, is still getting a tax refund.  For the amount in taxes he should have paid but didn’t.  So the common tax payer is being taxed twice as much, because not only are they maybe getting some of it back, but they are also giving someone else a little back.  That the someone else never paid.

Once again, an experiment in Socialism gone horribly wrong.

Those of you that haven’t seen these things or even a welfare “village” probably don’t understand what we mean when we say family.  You see, the government pays these people more and more, for the more kid’s they have, with less spouses of course.  They earn more for the more drugs their kids take if they label them “disabled”.

Now, not that there is anything wrong with being disabled, or needing welfare, the problem is with the rampant abuse of the system.  These villages are full of people who buy drugs, booze, and pop out kids like rabbits.  All without ever even planning to work one day.

These people are geniuses!  Honestly, we here at Manatee would love such a set up!

Tax Credits are ruining the American economy, the societal morals, the work force (because these people work under the table sometimes for lower rates so as to not lose their welfare or disability check), and the education system!  Why try to succeed in life if you get paid for nothing!  Still forced to go to school so why don’t you give the teacher hell.

Whoever is running for my President, will have my vote if they will fix this.  Because at least it means they’re smart enough to see where the money is going.