Finally!  A decent movie from DC comics and Warner Brothers.

I mean, first we had Superman and some Batman movies which all got progressively worse, culminating in the whirlpool of suck that was Superman vs. Batman.  Personally I don’t have high hopes for Wonderwoman either.

Suicide Squad though, had a plot!  It was funny, witty, and fast paced.  It was finally the culmination of DC’s imagination and Warner Brothers expertise we’ve all been waiting for. The cast, though not unknown, was relatively unobtrusive, excluding Will Smith of course.  And, we thought that one SEAL looked like Clint Eastwood… it’s his son!  Our new favorite movie of this summer!

Our only complaint was about the backstories.  Though not too far from the original back stories, some were definitely changed.  The entire first half hour of the movie was somewhat unnecessary backstory that was way too long.  And, what is it with Hollywood’s belief that super villains can’t just be evil?  They have to have a scarring backstory that makes them that way.  Sorry, as the story goes, the bad guys, are just that, bad, evil, devoid of morality, and that’s the way we like it.  Good movie guys.

Our rating:      images four dugongs out of five!  Not bad for a girl on psych medication.


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