Remember way back when, the rebels were taking down Qaddafi in Lybia.  How Obama aided them with air strikes and weapons.  Giving them new trucks and equipment.  Analysts, and manatees alike said that these were radicals, who were not friendly to the U.S.   Next came Syria.  Al-Nusra front was referred to as a terrorist organization, and Obama aided them in their fight against the Assad government.  A government that had been maintaining stability in the region.

Now both are ISIS hubs.  Why? Because we made ISIS the biggest game in town.  The only thing we were wrong about before was the extent of their power.  They soon became a bigger threat then ever imagined.  They murder and plunder across the Middle East, and we made it possible.  We were headed by ignorant leaders who were more concerned about the lives of terrorists in North Africa than they were about the safety of their own people.

When will they ever learn.  The NATO air strikes over Libya served to aid the ISIS take over of cities.  The guns, bombs, trucks we sent and paid for were all used to fight our troops and those of our allies in recent campaigns against ISIS.

All this is traced back to executive orders straight from the Oval office.  They were Obama’s directives pretty clearly when they were made.  All of a sudden though the white house sells it as the orders of generals and members of other states.  Looks like the buck runs from Obama.  It never seems to stop.

Oh, and Hillary?  As Secretary of State, she too would have had to authorize these actions.  Just putting that out there.

-Edmond Dantes

-Editor in Chief of The Manatee Report


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