Wow.  The new book from Roger Stone “The Clinton’s War on Women” is full of startling tid bits of information.  Most of it presumed to be true being that it comes from multiple interviewed sources.

One source is a “lady of the night” (hooker), that supposedly slept with Bill, while he was high or drunk.  She says, and we aren’t quoting here, consider it a paraphrase, that the former President “thinks he’s all that” but has a “weewee” that’s only two inches.  Among other things.  She states that he thinks very highly of himself but is in fact not at all impressive.

This would probably be where most sites would start talking about the average American penis size, but in order to keep from losing the rest of our reputation, we’ll let you look that up on your own.

The book talks about how Hillary doesn’t respect the rights of women at all, rather ironically.  Though, one part of the book discusses how she might just be a lesbian, her and her closest confidante, that is.  You know, the one married to Anthony (Show my) Weiner (to young women through text message).

This was a woman who, rather than face the facts, defended her cheating, womanizing, sex fiend husband.

Clearly though, she is a “lady”, and if you are a woman who doesn’t vote for her you are going to hell.  That’s what Gloria Steinem and Madeleine “Raving Mad” Albright says.

This book is a must read for all women voters.  Seriously.  You wont believe it!