Hillary Clinton had to be propped up by a Secret Service agent while giving a speech.  Which could just be explained as difficulty standing on a box like that.  We at Manatee could probably ignore it if it weren’t a recurring theme.

Hillary has recently had a few spaz moments.  Okay, there we said it.  Not her normal rants, we mean full on seizure like symptoms.  She freezes up, her eyes shut uncontrollably, her head jerks.  If you don’t believe us look up the Hillary short circuit video.

Then there’s the fact that she was treated on Sunday for a blood clot, in her brain, which is supposedly non damaging to her brain tissue.  Which recalls the trip to the hospital she took three years ago as Secretary of State, for a major blood clot in the brain, this one could be damaging.  Though, doctors were reportedly optimistic.

The best example of her age is not in her senility when speaking, or her inability to think, we are pretty sure that was there before.  Not, the best example is the picture below of her being helped by three people to walk up the stairs.  There’s no ice, the stairs aren’t that high.  She’s just hold, and frankly, not in good shape.  If you spend most your life, either sitting down and complaining or stand up campaigning, it probably takes a toll.


The picture says a thousand words.  Oh, and the guy to her left?  He is in all of the bad health pictures.  Did they hire a private nurse?  Like the Romanovs did for the tsarevich with hemophilia?  He’s her seizure watcher.  It’s kind of like whale watching, except Rosie O’Donnell isn’t there, and you have to stab it with a med pen every time it surfaces.

Yet, we are told that she is perfectly fine.  Doctors say there’s no problem, she’s perfectly healthy.  Well, we wont know for sure, until she keels over that is.

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