Hillary Clinton stated that when she became President, she would make sure that nobody on the no fly list would take to the air.  One problem.  

The content of the no fly list is actually just that, a list of names.  No middle names, no pictures, nothing but names.  Which means, if someone had my name, and was suspected of terrorism, due to its common use, 44,000 of us would be off the airlines.

The no-fly list is just a list of names suspected of terrorism.  The name popped up in a transmission, or message, or interview that appeared to be of a terroristic nature and all of a sudden, everyone with that name is now on a government watch list.

Now, it is effective when used properly, people with these names are often more likely to be stopped, searched, double checked, but after determining they are not a threat, they are allowed to fly.  Or enter the country.

So anyone who seems incredulous that people on the no fly list are allowed on airplanes, just doesn’t realize how general the list really is.

Happy travels!