Have you registered to vote? I have.  Though my new card hasn’t arrived yet.  Give it time.  Anyways, the saying is right, there is nothing to stop you from voting.  For example, Elvis Presley, Abe Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, and many of the deceased have registered to vote in the coming election.  The majority? Register as Democrats of course.

Hey, you don’t even have to be human!  Or real!  All the excitement of this election has brought out the likes of Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob Squarepants, even Sam and Dean Winchester are sure to vote in this election.

So, get out and vote, and say hi for us, to all your famous friends.

Voter fraud has taken off in recent years, and now that Homeland Security is set to oversee the election, it definitely isn’t going to stop.  Will anyone do anything about it?  No.  Probably never.

It’s just something we get to laugh and gripe about every four years.  See you next season.  Just so you know, Elvis is a registered member of the read manatee party!  We promise!