Most of us don’t realize how bad the economy truly is.  Until we look at those in the restaurant business.

As the economy drops, and more people make less money, the change is not seen in the stock exchange, but in the food court.  Less and less people can afford to eat out, and as restaurants are forced to charge higher prices, less customers come around.  The vicious economic cycle of raise and lower, comes back to damage the restaurateur and their employees most of all.

Seemingly, nobody has noticed the empty seats, the lack of voices.  Probably because they aren’t there to notice the difference as the ability to eat out drops lower and lower.  The restaurant business has been in a slight rise, back towards normal, over the past week or so.  Don’t get your hopes up though, it’s still a bad economy, and the summer is the most popular time to eat out.  Can you imagine what November will look like?