Trump on the brink!!! News site after news site reporting the collapsing campaign of real estate Tycoon, Donald Trump.  Apparently, after his recent media stunts and his attacks on Republican politicians, his campaign has had a steep downturn.  It’s falling apart.

The only problem is, it sounds kind of like the boy who cried wolf.

How many times in the past 365 days has the media reported that Trump finally made his last mistake.  That he could never recover.  That he was, racist, sexist, insensitive, and generally childish.  And that his actions, without any regard for the party, were severely damaging to his campaign.

Probably 365 times considering the amount of “blunders” he makes.  It is our experience, here at Manatee, that anytime “the Donald” is accused of screwing up, his poll numbers soar.

What is the mainstream media missing?  Hello, the American people, are just as bad as he is.  Deep down they are racist, insensitive, and somewhat sexist.  They are tired of being politically correct.  They want someone to come out and say the things they’ve been thinking, no matter how tactless, and Trump is doing it.

So maybe, if the media wants him to lose, they should lay off the blunders.  Because America wants the truth, and the more blatant your statement, the more the media tries to hide, the more you are accused of political incorrectness, the more it seems like truth.

It’s not Trump everybody, it’s America.