You drive nine miles down a narrow, rough, forest service road all the way to the Mount Baker vista overlook.  When you finally get there, you are severely disappointed.

Trees!  Grown up to block the overlook.  To the point where, even standing on a picnic table you can’t make out the mountain side.  

Instead you have to head back down the road and find a landslide gap in order to get the picture above. 

So that leads to the question.  Are the trees too safe?  

It seems that at least trimming the trees would be a smart move for the forest service.  Why would tourists go to see more identical trees at a mountain overlook?  Nonetheless, the trees remain, secure in their place.  

All around the state and many others the story is the same, trees destroying or blocking overlooks and trails.  Most of these places were built by CCC men, eighty years ago.  Would it kill us to trim the trees a little?

It comes down to the discussion, do we continue advocating “enjoy the outdoors” or “save the trees”.  We can’t always do both, and personally, I think the view is worth the loss of a few tree tops.