The new trend hitting American couples?  PokemonGo Dates.  Go walking around town, through malls and cemeteries, looking for imaginary game characters.

We’d say it’s ridiculous and a break down of American society, and it kind of is, but it’s also kind of fun.

Walking around town playing a mutual game with your significant other?  It’s strange, it’s unromantic, and for the young adults and teenagers of today, it’s a lot of fun.

Americans are an odd bunch, we all know it.  This may be another place where we have fallen low, and maybe the trend will die soon, but right now, it’s going strong.  Pokemon engagement rings are actually selling quite well!

Whatever happens next, we can complain about it and it’s social implications all we want, but as far as certain generations go, it’s the next big thing.  Just stay off my porch, okay?