Thousands of young men and women who have attempted to join the military, especially branches like the Marines, are facing one major obstacle.  Military cut backs.

Most of the new recruits are on a waiting list that makes them wait one, two, or three years!  People who planned on joining up straight out of highschool have now been forced to join the work force or try for college, because they don’t know when they could make it in.  

Most of the listers are set to stop waiting just after the new President takes office.  

Probably in expectation of policy change the military has set the waiting times to that limit.  But what if nothing changes?  If the new leader decides to keep pulling back?  They could end up waiting another two years or more to serve their country.  

Who would have expected!  Wouldn’t you think that the military would expedite matters?  Nope.  

So if you plan on joining up right out of school, or you know someone who does, think about a back up plan.  Because it could be a while.