Everywhere you go you can find someone willing to talk about the benefits of marijuana and it’s effect on the human body.  How it helps with seizures, etc.  Though most of these benefits can be found in already legal treatments, leading you to believe that the speakers real motive is to legalize their favorite extra-curricular activity.

But, could the liberal media and their cohorts be covering up one damaging effect of the Colorado grass?

Researchers and doctors have found that people showing diabetic symptoms often have one symptom missing.  A normal diabetic will usually suffer from patchy hair patterns on the legs and sometimes arms.  Though more recently, increasing amounts of Americans are showing diabetic symptoms without the patchy hair growth.

The usual link?  Marijuana.  The normal haired diabetics are pot smokers more often than not.  With a prolonged history of use.

So could prolonged use of marijuana lead to diabetes?  Or at least something like it?  It appears the answer is yes.  So the next time that person preaches the wonders of marijuana, ask them what it does for diabetes.  They’ll probably make something up, but it helps with hairy legs!