President of Turkey, Recip Erdogan, flew to Saint Petersburg Russia yesterday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Why does this spook the west?  Because Russia and Turkey are supposed to hate each other.  They always have.  More recently when the Turks downed a Russia jet that strayed too close to their border.  Mostly out of spite.  Then the fact that they fund opposite sides in the Syrian civil war.  Lately, they hate each other.  So why the sudden change?

Dictatorship.  Not so common in the West.  After the coup attempt, Turkey has come to exemplify this word with military parades and totalitarian like powers given to Erdogan.  Turkey needs friends somewhere so it’s best to have powerful friends.  Friends who also have a few rights violations on their dossier.  Friends like Russia.

Then, you have to remember, bombings, attacks, coup attempts, these all have not so good consequences in the market and consequently the economy of a country.  Find trade where you can, and the Russia- Turkey détente might be exactly what is needed to boost the economy.  After all, Turkey took a rather surprising dive after the war of words over the plane.

Will this go far towards a partnership in the East of Europe?  If Turkey can be called Europe.  Most of it and most of Russia are in Asia.  But, that hasn’t stopped the European Union from trying to let them in.  Which may back fire after all the recent goings on.  Only time may tell.