The family of Ahmed Mohamed, the kid who built a clock that resembled a bomb, are now suing the school that had him arrested.  Do they have the right?  Well yes, everybody has the right. Should they?  Probably not.

First, the family is making a claim on basis of civil rights but there were not civil rights violations since he was prosecuted for his actions, not persecuted for his religion.

Second, do they really want to open that can of worms?  He says he constructed the clock from spare parts.  Yet, in the picture below, you can clearly see that he merely took the plastic casing off an alarm clock and stuck it inside a briefcase looking pencil case, because a blue, see through, plastic pencil case might look too suspicious, and took it into school.  (That’s not why he picked the pencil case, we’re being facetious).



Third, the school officials acted appropriately.  Maybe a little over zealous, but if you ever went to highschool, then you probably realized all low level public officials are that way.  I can even remember all the way back to highschool, during an assembly, when they said that a bomb threat is considered to endanger the live of others, and will, like yelling fire in a crowded theater, end in imprisonment and prosecution.  There are enough discrepancies in the story to make you believe that he actually wanted to start a bomb scare.  Or at least that his politically active father did.

So in conclusion, the whole thing was at best a misunderstanding, and the school officials acted within the law, and did their best to protect their students and faculty.  However, in today’s America, the family will most likely win suit, because logic is not exactly a common trait.