Often I hear the question “Why these two?” or “How could America have fallen this far?”.  The answer?  Well, if you are asking the question then you haven’t met very many Americans.

Hillary gains most of her support from what we call “Robo voters.”  The people who vote fro reasons that have nothing to do with qualification.  Such as party line voters, those who want a woman President, or those who don’t actually know what is going on but think that since they heard her name before that she is somehow qualified.

All of the Trump support comes from the quiet majority.  Or so we call it, to refer to their penchant for avoiding protest or large displays but their vast numbers none the less.  These people vote for Trump, regardless of policy, because he says the things they think, and he’s immune to the backlash.  He speaks the truth.  in other words, he’s not a politician.  The republican voter is so tired of lame candidates like Romney and McCain.  They despise RINOs like the Bush family.  Ever since Reagan, the Republican voters have been smitten, drooling, waiting for another chance at a real Republican White house.  Is Trump that match?  Probably not, but right now he’s the closest thing they’ve got.

I like to ask people a return question.  Why did they run?  To Hillary, it’s what she does.  She just sees it as her job, her opportunity.  The Presidency is her lifestyle.  Trump however already has, money, fame, and power.  Therefore, despite his overbearing, often childish personality, he is at least running for what some might call the right reasons.  To make a much needed change.  They’re all jokers and clowns, but one is a leader, and the other is a politician.