Bradford Pennsylvania is known as the home of Case knives and Zippo lighters.  In reality though, the town runs on oil, and those in the oil business or related to the oil business can do just about anything.

But the real corruption stems not from town hall, but from the District Court.  Where the reigning judges, more notably judge Sircone, have a penchant for ignoring the law.

For example the case of the murder of Mel Bizarro, now being investigated by the Pennsylvania Attorney General.  

Mel Bizarro was shot between his own establishment, Togi’s restaurant, by his father in law.  In cold blood.  His name having been carved into the bullet.  

Now both men may have had their faults but nothing justifies cold blooded murder.  

District Court judge Sircone ordered the charges dropped after the initial hearing, claiming self defence.  THE NAME WAS CARVED INTO THE BULLET!  

Sircone also ordered a warrant for a local teacher’s property when a student accused her of recording conversations.  Not entirely illegal in the first place, the accusations were eventually proved false.  The accusing student had been part of a group that was repeatedly abusing the teacher during and after class.  Including damaging the teacher’s car.  No charges are known to have been pursued.  

With a Union lawyer that teacher could make a lot of money out of the City and the school district.  That is if Sircone doesn’t throw out the case. Sircone is known for setting up and enforcing false charges in favor of police.  

Bradford PA, a modern day police state.  Sircone was accused of corruption as police chief of Bradford as well, when he was appointed to the post by his sister, the mayor.  His brother, became fire chief.  In a town of rampant corruption and oil power… any insider can be elected to District Judge it seems.  

Considering the Attorney General ordered the initial hearing in a different court, we here at the Manatee must not be the only ones noticing.