Rio 2016 is facing a catastrophe of Olympic proportions, and nobody at the head.  After impeaching president Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian government appointed a new President, but Michel Temer, has yet to take more than a shaky hold on the Brazilian reigns.

Now he Olympians are the ones who suffer, from toxic water, where bodies have been found floating, to rampant crime, within the Olympic village, Rio is falling apart.  The Security Chief for the Olympics was recently robbed at knife point.  With all the calls from ISIS and other terrorist organizations for an attack at the Olympics, are you feeling safe?

One thing the Brazil brochures don’t tell you is that the number one industry in Brazil is women.  The sex trade is booming, and apparently so is the bicycle loop at the Olympics after a possible explosive was detonated.  How much did Dilma have to pay people to even be allowed to host the Olympics?  Rio is a disaster zone.

The January River runs full of sewage.  Of course so do the lagoons of Venice.  Either way, I think I’d rather go to Venice, at least the Italian government gives classes on how to avoid criminals.