Pope Francis began his career as the people’s pope, moving into smaller apartments, far less regal than the apostolic palace, and beginning a new era in papal frugality.  All this, was supposedly, to be closer to God.  The people’s pope quickly became the politician’s pope, and now he is leading the charge again.

The pope began his new found political career when he stopped worrying about What Would Jesus Do and more on What Would a Liberalized Sixteen year old Do.  Starting with his preaching on global warming, an odd subject for a man who is preaching that God is in control, to preaching the rights of homosexuals.  After, of course, he purged  gays from his own institution.  Most likely this is a ploy to gain newer, younger supporters, but it in fact has just been pushing the loyalists away.

Now could be the final straw, the Pope is pushing for the assistance of refugees by European countries.  The pope, who has not taken advantage of the thousands of orphanages, schools, and rectories, or the billions of dollars held by the Holy See, has demanded that others house the refugees.  Which seems a bit hypocritical considering the vast walls surrounding the Vatican and the difficulty of anyone with an Arabesque appearance to enter.  The Pope’s political actions have turned all eyes away from the mound of Saint Peter.  Poland, a country of 97% catholics, refused to give the pope the red carpet treatment after he criticized their treatment of refugees.

Most European governments who refuse to allow refugee hordes through their borders do so out of what they claim is regard for the safety of their people.  No white clad non European is going to change their mind.  Which leads to the question of the day, are the pope’s actions severely damaging the future of the Catholic church?

Here’s a thought Francis, how about you do something about the refugees yourself.  After all, actions speak louder than words.